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“CSK had a principle, Exemplar Manufacturing, which lost its Q1 at Ford. Dave single-handedly took on the project for Exemplar and got back their Q1 in 6 months!”
 -Al Anthony (Owner of CSK)


“Dave has taken on the sales responsibility for the V-Vehicle program. Actually, that’s just one of his jobs and he gets no support. And He’s doing great with it.”
-Steve Naseef (VP of Sales, ITW)


“He is a very good trainer and leader. Without his drive, our program wouldn’t be as successful as it is. Dave has been a very important part of that success.”
-Greg Mowbray (Engineering Product Development)


“At ITW, we had a situation with a customer, a large interiors supplier, wherein I was having serious problems with the Purchasing Director. Dave was working for me at the time, we addressed the problem, and Dave decided it best that he work the level below the Purchasing Director to get to the core of the problem. He did so, got the ‘line walk’ at several of the customers’ plants and developed the data to demonstrate the significant savings we could provide- it eventually ended up being approximately $1.0M-$1.2M in savings for that customer. Dave saw the benefits to both parties, took on the project and brought it to a very successful completion.”
-Steve Naseef (VP of Sales, ITW)


“Dave is very open and up-front with everyone. He is very communicative and clear- especially regarding expectations.”
-John Woodhouse (Sales and Marketing Manager, Medbio, Inc.)


“No one will ever outwork Dave. As a result, he earns the respect of everyone.”
-Al Anthony, (Account Manager, ITW) 


“He’s definitely a hands-on, lead by example guy. He’s a ‘tough ship’ manager.” 
-John Woodhouse (Sales and Marketing Manager, Medbio, Inc.)  


“Dave is not the type of guy who sits on the horse atop the hill watching the troops go into battle. He’s the guy with the troops leading them into battle.”
-Greg Mowbray (Engineering Product Development)


“He is very involved with training the newer members. Functions in a leadership role. Dave has done a great job rewriting the on-the-job training manual, from an operational and equipment knowledge standpoint.”
-Greg Mowbray (Engineering Product Development)







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