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Lentz Engineering technology, LLC is passionate about assisting their clients and customers in the entire sales process. Their sales leadership services are no exception. L.E.T. has the leadership skills and experience that can help take your existing sales team to the next level. This leadership experience enables us at L.E.T. to form results oriented strategies to reshape your sales team. The implementation of our executive level sales management strategies develops a laser focused sales team capable of generating results and meeting their sales goals.

The sales leadership service process is all encompassing. In order to build and strengthen your sales force, L.E.T. first takes the times to study and understand your existing workflow. Interviews are done with existing sales team members to gain insight into the current sales environment at your company. We then determine a strategic course of action for sales from the team’s interview results. While this strategy is being developed and implemented, we at L.E.T. lead your sales team by example, demonstrating the use of sales tools and guiding the sales skills development of the current sales team.

Lentz Engineering Technology, LLC has the sales leadership experience and the skills necessary to reshape your company’s sales team and streamline your team’s sales approach. Our team can teach the many skills that both engineering and manufacturing sales require. We can teach your existing team sales lead developing skills such as networking and product research. Once the lead is developed, we can teach how to communicate effectively with the customers. These communication skills help your team learn how to achieve positive and forward sales generating momentum within their sales leads, obtain the requests for quotes, and close their sales. L.E.T.’s sales leadership services produce real results. L.E.T. us work for you!

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