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With our vast knowledge and experience, Lentz Engineering Technology, LLC (L.E.T.) can operate as a full-service team providing your company with cradle to grave project management services. L.E.T. has a team of resources capable of performing multiple job activities and can act as both production sourcing and program management respectively. We can analyze your bill of materials for the program, develop resources, and execute the most efficient and cost-effective strategy. Our team wants to provide your company with services that enable successful completion of the project and the achievement of your top and bottom line goals.

Here at L.E.T., we have extensive experience in all areas of project management. Our team knows what is required for your project and program to be successful from start to finish. L.E.T. has capabilities are endless as we have aided customers in areas such as prototype development, compliance and testing, along with the location and procurement of materials and manufacturers. Our project management services can allow your company to focus on top performance and execution of its provided service while having the confidence that the project is on track. Throughout the entire process you can expect real-time updates, continued feedback, and assistance in customer communications to ensure the successful execution of your program launch strategy.

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