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Project Management:

Currently we at L.E.T. are managing a project for the Vectus bike pedal, an athletic supply project. The Bill of Materials for this project is over 50 parts. Lentz Engineering Technology is responsible for the sourcing of all parts, adhering to the project management timeline, taking costs out of the project budget, and building a production assembly line. The overall goal of this project is to assist the client with accepting and taking control of an entire product line, both the sourcing and the selling of the finished product to the customer. It also allows the customer to directly focus on new business development while L.E.T. handles the background efforts involved in such a large project.

Lentz Engineering Technology, LLC worked with a US based client to research and develop a strategic partnership in Mexico. L.E.T. managed all due diligence in Mexico. Identifying the best fitting strategic partner to compliment the long-range plan of the business. Project management for this client included managing directly in Mexico until the strategic alliance was successfully up and running smoothly.

Account Management:

Working with clients that have manufacturing out of the US, L.E.T. acts as a North American based office functioning as the liaison between the customers in purchasing and engineering, and the client’s manufacturing location. Specifically, for a metal stamping resource in Mexico, L.E.T. has provided a Detroit based office to directly support the automotive rich OEM and Tier 1 purchasing elements. The presence of L.E.T. creates credibility for the client as a global supplier/partner to the automotive industry. An industry that is heavily weighted with assembly plants in Mexico.

Lentz Engineering Technology, LLC ‘s account management services have been utilized in simple ways. They have experience taking over regional books of business, re-establishing stagnant customer relationships, and becoming an integral part of ensuring the client is a household name where it is needed.

Sales Leadership:

L.E.T. is currently providing sales leadership services to a client. They are not only developing customer account activity but also act in the client’s sales director role for both inside sales and outside sales representatives. With over 20 years of executive level positions as a VP of Sales and Marketing, Dave is very adept at leading the team and the charge for growth!

Dave has extensive C Suite experience in managing commercial negotiations and the boardroom. He is the perfect alliance partner to act on behalf of a client where high-level conversations are needed.

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