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Lentz Engineering Technology, LLC (L.E.T.) offers extensive account management services for a variety of industrial manufacturing processes. We tailor our services to meet your company’s own specific manufacturing process and production capabilities. Our account management process can be full-service beginning with engineering and continuing through purchasing. L.E.T. can assist with any step in the sales process. At L.E.T., our sales team will develop new sales account strategies while aiding in the organic growth of your company’s existing customer base. We will also develop new projects with the combined utilization of an applied engineering approach, our expertise and experience in the industry to provide customer service-related support.

As a part of our account management services, you can expect quality results and thorough communication throughout the entire sales process. We pride ourselves on our ability to address your account specific needs. Our account activity reports can be set up biweekly or monthly. In addition, monthly sales meetings are available to provide your company with real time metrics and feedback for further strategic planning. Our experience and expertise in application engineering account management will assist in bringing your company’s manufacturing sales to the next level and reaching your sales goals.

Whether you are looking to increase your production on account activity, outsource your engineering sales, or your company has more manufacturing capacities to fill, Lentz Engineering Technology, LLC is here to help. Our account management services can assist suppliers in identifying their current open capacities and highlight their project capabilities. L.E.T. will then develop a sales strategy and target its execution at those programs, projects, and products that meet and fill your company’s account specific needs. Don’t waste your time quoting and filtering through dead end projects and customers that don’t meet your company’s available capacity and sales specific goals. L.E.T. us work for you!

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