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In 2016, our CEO and VP of Sales, Dave Lentz, decided to utilize his 25 + years of sales and account direction and management experience, forming Lentz Engineering Technology, LLC (L.E.T). L.E.T. is an independently owned and operated engineering sales company which primarily focuses on account management, project management, and sales leadership services. These areas may be our primary focus however, here at L.E.T., we offer a multitude of other capabilities. Our highly capable team develops cost effective, revenue producing solutions for manufacturers and their customers for a variety of parts, processes, and capabilities. We produce real results. L.E.T. can take any project or program from start to finish or provide your company with services for any step in between. Our sales leadership services will provide the training and mentoring required to strengthen the account management skills of your own team, skills that are necessary for your company’s account growth.

Our Founder, CEO, and VP of Sales, David Lentz, earned his engineering degree from Wayne State University with a concentration in industrial and manufacturing engineering and holds a Master of Business. Dave has been in the manufacturing industry for 30 years and throughout his time has been involved in every aspect of the manufacturing process beginning with the assembly floor, to account management, to director of sales for Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturing companies and suppliers. His vast knowledge of the entire process allows him to streamline his approach to produce tangible results. He truly understands the wide array of challenges that the manufacturing, assembly, and sales processes can present throughout the course of a project or parts program. His account management and sales experience, in combination with professional network and sales contacts make him and his team the absolute best choice to take your company to the next level.

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